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I support leaders
as they surrender to
their highest

– Nichole Sylvester

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“I seriously could not put this book down. Nichole’s words drew me in from the first page and held me hostage as she shared her journey through addiction, abuse, and toxic relationships. In front of my eyes I watched a girl desperately searching for outside approval and affection grow into a woman shining bright on her own as she clawed and climbed her way to a place of self worth and acceptance.”

Shanna Simpson

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“I love when she said “You appreciate the light so much more when you’ve lived in the depths of darkness.” Our respective journeys serve their purpose for without them we cannot appreciate all of the good life has to offer us. Nor can we inspire others from their darkness to show them there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Amy McNally

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Isn’t it comforting to know that your deepest desires are waiting for your yes? It’s so simple to say yes. Yet, desires can feel elusive. Why? Inner-Conflict. This conflict between what you desire and what you believe you deserve can leave the most intelligent and inspired woman feeling stuck. It’s not a block, it’s a lack of awareness. You’ll be clear once you tap into your Divinity.

Healing is not intellectual. You cannot talk it out.
You’ll have to Journey Deeper.

I bet you’re wondering what life would be like it you turned your POWER on and cranked it up.

How would it feel to nourish yourself like never before? Asking for exactly what you need, feeling confident and rooted in your truth?

Can you imagine the radiance that would follow the release of guilt and shame you’ve weighed yourself down with?

How would your income shift if you were totally aware of your value?

What kind of impact would you make if you embraced and harnessed your full emotional spectrum?

This is Awakening

This is my work. I guide you inward to consciously explore the depths of your being. Activating your awareness of self and sparking radical shifts in conscious to transform your life. Awakening is a journey into your Highest Self. You’ll come to see yourself as a power source, a soul with a body, not the other way around.

The journey is infinite, as you are an infinite being. Your potential is infinite. However, the tools you learn during our time together will last a lifetime. You will discover how to drop into yourself and transmute energies on your own. This work is the process of becoming your own Guru.

Master your Self to master your life

What this really means is to harness your power and understand that you have the ability to influence the world around you. To say you can’t do or have one thing or another is to remain in the dark about who you really are. You are a Divine Co-creator. You are able to tap into the Infinite and release the limitations you’ve agreed to.

I support revolutionary leaders who seek to increase impact and income while participating in the evolution of their consciousness. Is that you?