Oh Shift Show | Real Talk On Radical Transformation | Inspiration |Money| Self-Love | Spirituality with Bestselling Author

By Nichole Sylvester

Everything you desire is on the other side of you own B.S. Your life is up to you and this is your power. That burning desire for more passion, adventure, money and peace of mind is all here for you, but you’ve got to claim it. Nichole delivers her no nonsense wisdom on awakening to the power of personal choice and radical transformation. Nothing is off limits here. She speaks from personal experience as she rebuilt her life from the depths of her own dark struggles. From drug smuggling, violent abuse and addiction as a young mother to now a bestselling author, entrepreneur and coach helping thousands of people per year radically transform all areas of their life. Grit, grace and gratitude, it’s all here. Tune in for unedited, humorous and life changing advice on getting out of your own way to life your best life now.